Recipe: Appetizing Steam Radish Cake蒸萝卜糕

Steam Radish Cake蒸萝卜糕.

Steam Radish Cake蒸萝卜糕

You can cook Steam Radish Cake蒸萝卜糕 using 14 ingredients and 5 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Steam Radish Cake蒸萝卜糕

  1. You need of Rice Flour – (粘米粉).
  2. Prepare of Corn Flour – (玉蜀黍粉).
  3. Prepare of Potato Starch -(马铃薯粉).
  4. Prepare of Water - (水).
  5. Prepare of Shallots - (小葱头, 切薄片).
  6. It’s of garlic (chopped) - (蒜头切粹).
  7. Prepare of Radish (Shredded)- (萝卜刨丝).
  8. It’s of dried shrimp (Rinsed and chopped)- (虾米, 洗净切小丁).
  9. You need of Chinese XO sausage (Chopped)- (腊肉适量, 切小丁).
  10. Prepare of (A) 1tablespoon Salt- (盐).
  11. Prepare of (A) 1 tablespoon Sugar- (糖).
  12. You need of (A) 1 teaspoon MSG  -(味精).
  13. You need of (B) 1 Tablespoon Pepper -(胡椒粉).
  14. It’s of (B) 1 tablespoon Sesame oil - (麻油).

Steam Radish Cake蒸萝卜糕 instructions

  1. Mix rice flour, cornflour, potato starch, water and seasoning (A) to set aside for 3 hours or more (将粉类,水和调味(A)混合, 放在一边3个小时或以上.
  2. Add the shallot to cool oil to stir fry until golden brown, drained the oil and keep aside for use later (将小葱头和油一起爆香。 盛起, 稍后才用).
  3. Fried garlic, dried shrimp, sausage until fragrant and add radish to stir fry and add Seasoning (B) (爆香蒜头, 虾米,腊肉, 加入萝卜炒至香, 加入调味(B).
  4. Add the flour batter to step 3, Keep on stir the batter over low fire until it turns very sticky. (加入面糊, 用小火一直搅拌至浓稠为止).
  5. Pour the batter to the grease pan and steam for 1hr 30min. (倒入已经涂油的蒸盘, 蒸 1.5个小时.

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